Protect Your Site & Login Form Before Bad Guys Even Get To Them


Features that save you time & nerves

We know you’re busy and want instant results! That’s exactly what WP Login Lockdown delivers.

Just set up a couple of options, and let Login Lockdown keep the bad guys away for all the sites you manage.

Maintain blacklists & whitelists across all websites you manage with just one click of a button.

Block bots from accessing your login form or the entire site. Place honeypots for bots to make them fall into your trap.

Lightweight, server-level protection against malicious requests, bad bots, automated attacks, spam, and many other threats.

Pick one of our preset design templates, or completely customize the login page to match your site's design.

If they don't know where your login page is, they can't attack it! Change the login page URL and keep it private.

Have a list of users with their IP addresses, countries, and other information available all the time.

Control all your purchases, licenses, sites & Cloud Blacklists from a single location - the Dashboard. Save time by having all your client sites in one place.

We never outsource our support! The vast majority of tickets is answered by developers who made the plugin. Rest assured you're in capable hands.

Protect Login Form

Over 100k users already protected their site with Login Lockdown

Over 100,000 Happy Users

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  • 100 sites license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • Cloud Blacklists
  • Dashboard
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding



  • 5 sites license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • Cloud Blacklists
  • Dashboard
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding



  • 1 site license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • Cloud Blacklists
  • Dashboard
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!
You are fully protected by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you don’t like the plugin over the next seven days, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.


Will Login Lockdown slow down my site?

Absolutely not. Everything the plugin does happens in the admin. Nothing is loaded, added, or processed on the front-end, so you can rest assured that there is no impact on the performance of your site.

Can I move my license between sites?

Absolutely! Once you deactivate Login Lockdown on a site, the license goes back into your license pool, and you can activate it on another site. At any given time, you can see all sites using your licenses when you log in to the Login Lockdown Dashboard.

What’s the Login Lockdown Dashboard?

It’s a central place where you can manage all your purchases, sites, and licenses. If you’re an agency, you’ll love the Dashboard as it’ll save you hours of work.

What's your refund policy?

We offer a 7-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you buy Login Lockdown during the presale period, then the policy is extended to 15 days after we deliver the final version of the plugin to you.

Can I use 2FA protection with your plugin?

Yes, you can. Login Lockdown can send a confirmation email after each login attempt, so even if someone steals your username & password they won’t be able to access your website.

Is support included with every license?

Absolutely! While you have a valid PRO license our friendly, in-house support agents are at your disposal.

Is Login Lockdown dangerous for my site?

No, definitely not! The plugin does not make any permanent changes to your site so even if it comes to a worst-case scenario you can just disable the plugin and that will undo all changes.

How does the PRO version compare to the free one?

Short answer – the PRO version has ten times more features than the free one. For example, you get to create blacklists and whitelists across all sites you manage, use country blocking, 2FA, and more.

What about Captcha, do you have one?

Login Lockdown comes with several Captcha forms you can use. There are two Google Captchas available, hCaptcha which is GDPR compatible, and an integrated Captcha (with no API) for a quick setup.

What's Cloud Protection?

Cloud Protection allows you to create unique blacklists & whitelists in one place and easily distribute them across all websites you manage. Instead of tampering with the list of IPs you want to block or whitelist on each site separately, you can finally have everything in one place.

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