How Do I Use Table Rate Shipping in Woocommerce?

For e-commerce businesses using WooCommerce, finding a shipping solution that offers flexibility, customization, and efficiency is crucial. Table Rate Shipping is a powerful feature that allows store owners to set up dynamic shipping rates based on a variety of conditions. In this guide, we will explore how to effectively use Table Rate Shipping in WooCommerce, with a focus on the advanced capabilities offered by the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO plugin by JEM Products.

Understanding Table Rate Shipping

Understanding Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate Shipping is a shipping method in WooCommerce that enables store owners to define shipping rates based on a combination of factors. Instead of a flat rate for all orders, Table Rate Shipping allows for a more granular approach by considering variables such as destination, weight, quantity, or shipping class.

Installing WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO

To unlock advanced table rate shipping options in WooCommerce, the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO plugin by JEM Products can be a game-changer. Here’s how to get started:

1. Purchase and Download

   – Visit the JEM Products website and purchase the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO plugin.

   – Download the plugin files to your computer.

2. Install the Plugin

   – In your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to “Plugins” and click on “Add New.”

   – Upload the downloaded plugin files and activate the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO plugin.

3. Activate the License

   – Enter the license key provided by JEM Products to activate the premium features of the plugin.

Configuring Table Rate Shipping with WooCommerce – PRO

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can configure Table Rate Shipping based on your specific business needs. The PRO version introduces a range of advanced features:

1. Create Shipping Zones

   – Define shipping zones based on geographical regions, allowing you to tailor shipping rates to specific locations.

2. Set Conditions for Rates

   – Utilize a variety of conditions such as weight, quantity, price, and shipping class to determine shipping rates. For example, you can set different rates for heavy items, bulk orders, or specific product categories.

3. Create Rate Tables

   – Build custom rate tables with the PRO version, providing a comprehensive overview of shipping rates based on the defined conditions. This offers a user-friendly way to visualize and manage your shipping pricing strategy.

4. Dynamic Pricing

   – Implement dynamic pricing by adjusting rates based on the subtotal or weight of the order. This allows for versatile pricing strategies tailored to your business model.

5. Handling Fees

   – Incorporate handling fees into your shipping rates to account for additional costs associated with packaging and processing orders.

6. Multi-Criteria Shipping

   – Set up complex shipping rules with multiple criteria, ensuring that rates accurately reflect the unique characteristics of each order.

Benefits of Using WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO

1. Customization and Precision

   – The PRO version offers unparalleled customization, allowing store owners to fine-tune shipping rates with precision. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with diverse product offerings and shipping requirements.

2. Adaptability to Business Models

   – Whether you offer free shipping for specific products, charge by weight, or implement tiered pricing based on order quantity, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO adapts to various business models.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency

   – The intuitive interface and advanced features streamline the setup process, saving time for store owners while ensuring accurate and efficient shipping rate calculations.

4. Improved User Experience

   – Transparent and fair shipping rates contribute to an enhanced user experience for customers. With the PRO version, you can provide clarity and consistency in your shipping pricing, fostering customer trust.


WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO by JEM Products elevates the shipping experience for online store owners using WooCommerce. With its advanced features, customization options, and adaptability to various business models, the PRO version empowers businesses to create a shipping strategy that aligns with their unique needs. By efficiently managing shipping rates based on conditions and criteria, WooCommerce store owners can not only streamline their operations but also provide a seamless and transparent experience for their customers, ultimately contributing to the success of their e-commerce ventures.