How to Get a Direct Image URL from Flickr

How to Get a Direct Image URL from Flickr

Flickr is a popular online photo-sharing platform that allows users to upload, organize, and share their images with the world. If you have images hosted on Flickr and want to share them on other platforms or embed them on your website, you’ll need the direct image URL. The direct image URL is a link that leads directly to the image file, bypassing Flickr’s interface and allowing you to display the image directly without any additional elements. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to get a direct image URL from Flickr.

Log in to Your Flickr Account1. Log in to Your Flickr Account

To access your photos and obtain direct image URLs, you need to have a Flickr account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free. Once you have an account, log in using your credentials.

2. Upload Your Images

If you haven’t already uploaded the images you want to get direct URLs for, you need to upload them to your Flickr account first. To do this, click on the “Upload” icon, which looks like a cloud with an arrow, and select the images you want to upload from your computer.

3. Find the Image You Want to Get the Direct URL For

After uploading your images, navigate to your Flickr photostream, albums, or collections to find the image you want to get the direct URL for. Click on the image to view it in the Flickr photo viewer.

4. Access the Image Page

Once you are viewing the image in the Flickr photo viewer, click on the “View all sizes” icon, which looks like a magnifying glass with a plus sign. This will take you to the page where you can view and download different sizes of the image.

Choose the Image Size5. Choose the Image Size

On the “All Sizes” page, you’ll see various options for image sizes. Flickr offers a range of sizes, from small thumbnails to high-resolution images. Select the size you want to use or share on other platforms. Keep in mind that the image URL will be specific to the chosen size.

6. Right-Click on the Image

Now, right-click on the image you selected and choose the option that says “Copy Image Address” or “Copy Image URL.” The exact wording may vary depending on your web browser.

7. Paste the Direct Image URL

After copying the image address, you can paste it into any text editor, email, or any other platform where you want to use or share the direct image URL. The link you have copied is the direct URL to the specific image size you selected on Flickr.

8. Test the URL

Before sharing the direct image URL, it’s a good idea to test it by pasting it into your web browser’s address bar and hitting Enter. This will ensure that the link is working correctly and leads directly to the image file.

Important Notes:

  • Remember that the direct image URL will be specific to the image size you chose on the “All Sizes” page. If you want to use different sizes of the same image, you’ll need to repeat the process for each size.
  • The direct image URL obtained from Flickr will remain active as long as the image is hosted on Flickr and the settings for the image allow sharing.
  • If you decide to delete the image from your Flickr account or change the image’s privacy settings, the direct image URL will no longer be accessible, and the image will not be displayed.
  • Respect Copyright and Licensing: When using direct image URLs from Flickr, make sure you have the necessary permissions to share or use the images. Some images on Flickr may be protected by copyright or have specific usage restrictions. Always check the image’s licensing information and provide proper attribution when required.


Getting a direct image URL from Flickr┬áis a straightforward process that allows you to share or embed images hosted on the platform on other websites, forums, or social media platforms. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily obtain the direct URL for specific image sizes and ensure that your shared images are displayed seamlessly without any additional elements from Flickr’s interface. Remember to respect copyright and licensing when using images from Flickr, and always provide proper attribution as required. With direct image URLs in hand, you can efficiently share your photos and showcase your photography on various online platforms.