How to use a Cloud Protection

Login Lockdown Documentation

In the Dashboard, you can whitelist or blacklist IPs that will affect one or more sites that you manage. Instead of creating a list for every site that you work on, you can have one global list in the Dashboard that you can easily push to every site you manage. Read more about that in the Dashboard manual.


Also, WebFactory Ltd. works daily on creating and updating bad IPs that shouldn’t be on your website. When using Cloud Protection, you can use both your lists and WebFactory’s lists to prevent unwanted logins.


You can enable that option by going to the “Cloud Protection” tab in your plugins settings in WordPress:

Login Lockdown Cloud Protection

You can also completely block website access for blocked countries and write a block message to those who are on the cloud list.


There is also an option to enable blocking website access for blocked countries completely instead of just blocking access to the login page. It’s up to you.